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A program to facilitate
running a bakery or patisserie

Are you the owner of a bakery or patisserie and looking for professional and user-friendly software to help you run it?
Yes? Then you have come to the right place! Company VIKING 2 sp. z o.o. offers a wide range of programs dedicated for bakery and patisserie management.

Our software is fast and reliable. Thanks to special modules, you will be able to control not only the sales and production of baked goods, but also the amount of raw materials required, records of finished products, or the returns system.

Our program for bakeries and pastry shops, InfoPiek, ensures the accurate cataloging of products and will allow you to gain an insight into the necessary raw materials, substitutes or product warehouses.

For sales
representatives and drivers

For sales representatives and drivers, we have developed a modern and fully personalized solution, the mobile app.

The app allows the order to be saved on an off-line device, the order will be sent immediately after establishing network connection.

Our products

The InfoPiek programme for bakeries and pastry shops ensures accurate cataloguing of products and will allow you to gain an overview of the raw materials, substitutes or product stock. In the programme package, you will also find order processing, documents, as well as sales statements and analyses.

Sales forecast

Introducing an absolute novelty – the Ada++ algorithm. With in-depth analysis of 300 million receipts, this program for confectioneries and bakeries will adjust the number of orders and products to ensure optimal sales.

Based on artificial intelligence, the Ada++ program allows you to fully personalize it to your needs. The algorithm analyzes data such as location, opening and closing hours of the store, the amount of space in the display counter or the expiration dates of the products, and takes into account information on returns, weather and name days. Ada++ also helps catch order irregularities and eliminate errors. What’s more, it also offers an innovative sales forecasting system, thus this bakery program facilitates many key aspects of the company’s work.

Ada++ meets all the daily challenges in the food industry and is ideally suited to the needs of demanding customers.

Bring the latest software to your business and try our algorithm today!

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solutions in the industry

We support the functioning of our clients in all areas of their business by providing customized IT solutions. We place great emphasis on long-term cooperation and a customer satisfied with our services is our most valuable reference.

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