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smart software for bakeries and pastry shops

InfoPiek Expedition

InfoTrans Expedition is a unique programme, the essence of which is a management computer with large displays.

A ground-breaking solution

A smart program for bakeries and confectioneries is fundamental to running a business efficiently and effectively. The sale of complex products can often cause a lot of problems when accounting for stock levels or filling orders of all kinds. In order to prevent errors and irregularities, a groundbreaking expediting solution is becoming increasingly more popular with bakery and confectionery software.

Flexible use and configuration

InfoTrans Expedition is a unique program, the core of which is a management computer with large displays. The main advantage of the product is its flexibility in use and configuration. The system is used to distribute already finished products to individual recipients by dividing them into carts. The number of routes or delivery numbers can be set as desired.

Linked to products such as InfoPiek Production, InfoBil Production Panel or Returns Panel, it is easy to use and continuously displays order information, it is also able to eliminate errors, mistakes and irregularities by disabling the display of unnecessary information. With the help of InfoTrans Expedition, it is easy to recalculate a lot of additional information, making it possible to check, among other things, what the sales forecast is.

In addition, the system allows the document to be edited so that the previously entered data, for example on the quantity of stacked goods, can be changed without any problems. Direct access to the data enables its modification , and once entered , Info Trans is able to apply the changes itself.

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