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Modern software

Info POS

The intuitive programme for bakeries and patisseries easily handles all sales processes

Streamlines shop operations

These days, running a successful business requires keeping up to date with new technologies. The world is moving forward and so should your business. The solutions we offer make it easy and convenient for you to take your business to the next level. Our software, such as InfoPOS, InfoNET or Data Warehouse, will improve your shop’s operations, influencing greater profitability. Sprawdź, co możesz zyskać dzięki wykorzystaniu InfoPOS.

Handling sales processes

InfoPOS is a modern program used at points of direct customer service. It can be installed quickly and easily at any location with internet access.

This intuitive program for bakeries and patisseries handles all sales in a simple way, so that the customer gets even more satisfaction from their purchases, and the employee can perform his duties more easily. The use of InfoPOS does not require specialised training – the use of modern solutions, such as a touchscreen and the speed of information transfer offered by InfoPOS, ensure comfortable customer service and streamline the configuration of settings and product data.

In addition to basic sales management, our software offers the possibility to instantly issue and print VAT invoices, check the composition of products at the buyer’s request or set sales targets – and these are just some of the features on offer. With satisfied customers and better organisation of your staff’s time, your shop will run even better.


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