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InfoMobile – a mobile solution in the age of pandemics



During the coronavirus pandemic, everyone was, in a way, forced to introduce new, often innovative solutions, sometimes never used before, into their own and their company’s daily lives. As a result of caring for one’s health and the health of loved ones and colleagues, interpersonal contact had to be significantly reduced. This necessitated the introduction of other methods of communication, which the InfoMobile application offers.

Software for bakeries, a new solution for businesses.

The InfoMobile software is a state-of-the-art electronic solution that is an invaluable support for the operation of bakeries and patisseries in this difficult time, when the vast majority of employees perform their duties away from the company’s head office.

InfoMobile is a tool dedicated not only to bakeries, but it is also a programme for confectioneries. The mobile application streamlines all field tasks, so it will be an excellent solution for all drivers and escorts, significantly improving their work and increasing its efficiency at the same time.

The bakery software gives the possibility to pinpoint the location of the machine and thus the employee using GPS. With the software, it is also possible to enter and save orders, even when the device is offline. The data entered will be immediately transmitted as soon as the device establishes a network connection.

In addition, the InfoMobile mobile app can determine the most suitable route, which streamlines the entire logistics process. What distinguishes our software is gaining access to diverse order templates, making the execution of daily orders much easier. The software also provides access to personalised email and FTP. Specifically for drivers, the application provides the ability to place and, more importantly, edit already placed orders, for customers linked directly to the company, making communication much easier. The app also records payments for goods, which guarantees the transparency of transactions.

With the installation of InfoMobile, you get access to the generation of possible returns, as well as supervision and control of the route. When using the mobile application for bakeries and pastry shops, you can freely determine the percentage of reimbursement to which you are entitled.

InfoMobile – why use modern apps?

The app is modern and at the same time extremely intuitive, making it easy to use.

Thanks to the InfoMobile application, bakery and confectionery owners will be able to deal with their daily duties and tasks, such as monitoring deliveries and returns, much more quickly. What is more, with our software, creating sales forecasts also becomes possible . All the time, we are constantly working on optimising our solution, introducing technological innovations that noticeably improve the working comfort of the entire company team.

What sets our software apart is that it is tailored to the personalised needs of each of our customers, making it easier to run your own business. Sales representatives and contractors using the InfoMobile application can create their own orders and, more importantly, gain real-time access to billing and an overview of the company’s current stock. This is an indispensable tool, thanks to which the daily tasks associated with running a bakery or confectionery will no longer be a problem.

A modern solution in the form of the intuitive InfoMobile software offers a number of benefits for the company:

  • possibility of off-line data entry, the order is saved and sent immediately after a network connection is obtained;
  • customisation of the software to meet personalised needs, possibility of route selection;
  • access to dedicated order templates and creation of your own based on previous data;
  • unrestricted access to e-mail and FTP;
  • possibility to determine the location of the device using GPS.

Access to orders in real time using InfoMobile software offers a real opportunity to improve the logistics processes of a bakery or confectionery. Logistics is an extremely important part of the day-to-day running of a business, which is worth noting especially at a time when interpersonal communication has been so severely restricted. The introduction of innovative technological solutions makes it possible to minimise the losses associated with the introduction of numerous restrictions to everyday life.

We encourage all bakery and patisserie owners to take advantage of the InfoMobile app to help run their business during a difficult time. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us. We will be happy to answer them and explain the possibilities offered by the app.

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