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Posnet Polska S.A. is a company with Polish capital and 20 years of experience in the fiscal equipment market. It is a manufacturer of cash registers and printers, as well as a supplier of solutions supporting commerce and services, such as scales, barcode scanners, touchscreen monitors and receipt printers. Posnet supports Polish retailers and service providers in various market sectors (including retail, hotel, catering and medical industries). It provides them with complete equipment for the cashier’s station, which guarantees compliance with formal and legal requirements, sales automation and greater work comfort.

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Cooperation with Posnet The dynamic development of Viking software resulted in the need to look for more and more new hardware solutions to meet the expectations of our customers. Posnet recognized and appreciated the pace of our development by offering high-end equipment,appreciated by all users. Cooperation with Posnet, which offers the best fiscal equipment on the market, has resulted in a multitude of satisfied clients.

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Posiflex has been our long-standing partner in providing various types of computer equipment to enable comprehensive service to our customers. e have worked closely with Posiflex for many years and know that their products are a guaranteed quality. Their reliability affects the comfort of users and the satisfaction of our customers.

Posiflex products

Posiflex offers basic equipment for a sales counter – a POS finger touch terminal, cash drawer and a barcode reader. At the same time, the basic equipment can be expanded with other products from the company’s offer – touch monitors, customer monitors (second display), POSBOX terminals, voucher printers or card readers. Posiflex also offers self-service kiosks.

One of the most popular models is the XT-3815 terminal with Windows 10 IoT. It is a waterproof and passively cooled sales terminal. It has a high-quality 15 glass touchscreen and a solid ′′ aluminum housing, making it ready to work in any conditions. The waterproof case provides protection for the system. The main task of the device is to provide performance and comfort. It has specially reinforced components: the Intel® Celeron® J1900 (2M Cache, up to 2.42 GHz) along with a fast SSD. It will provide a stable operation in bakeries.

  • Innovative “Fan Free” fanless chassis design is made of cast aluminum, so it conducts heat perfectly and provides efficient cooling of the device even at 50°C
  • Energy-efficient design ensures minimal power consumption
  • High-speed SSD drives speed up application performance
  • The terminal includes the ability to integrate a miniUPS battery and power supply into the base
  • The terminal can be equipped with a magnetic and proximity card reader
  • A second monitor can also be installed to display advertisements and customer order
  • A 3-year warranty provides a quality guarantee with the possibility of extension to 5 years
  • The terminal supports POSReady 7 / Windows 7 / Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry / Windows 10 IoT / DOS/ Linux (on request) systems


Save time and reduce costs with our flexible and secure solutions.

In today’s marketplace, speed, efficiency and simplicity are what the success of your business depends on. Optimizing your operational activities to gain more time for your customers is a priority. We understand your great need for an integrated solution that provides a seamless connection between your terminal or PIN Pad and your cash register With our integrated payment solution, entering transaction data separately at the terminal and at the cash register is no longer necessary. Your employees can focus on customer service instead of transaction processing.

Infopiek and Elavon’s integrated solution connects terminals to the cash register system. The solution allows transaction data (amount) to be sent directly from the cash register to the terminal. In doing so, the number of errors is reduced and the overall transaction time is shortened, allowing our customers to focus on customer service. Now InfoPiek and Elavon can offer customers a ready-to-implement system for integrating an Ingenico terminal with a cash register.. It connects Ingenico’s desktop terminals or PIN pads to the POS system, automatically transferring transaction data without the need to re-enter the transaction amount on the terminal.


  • Faster transaction processing – no need to enter the transaction amount twice
  • Fewer errors, thanks to automatic exchange of information with the cash register = fewer complaints (chargebacks)
  • Easier checkout settlement at the end of the day/shift
  • Options tailored to your needs

Polskie ePłatności

Centrum Rozliczeń Elektronicznych Polskie ePłatności SA, briefly Polskie ePłatności or PeP – a Polish cashless payment operator based in Tajęcin. It has more than 230,000 payment terminals The company employs nearly 700 people.


CAS is a nationwide company that has been operating in the global market since 1983 and in Poland since 2004. The company is engaged in the production of high-quality items for use in various types of stores and places providing sales services. AS is primarily engaged in the design and creation of the following scales: popular simple scales, calculating scales, label printing scales, platform scales – including hermetic and stainless steel scales, portable scales, jewelers’ scales, weighbridges, scanners and built-in scales. In addition, the company also offers a wide range of other products, including terminals, receipt printers, cash drawers, packing machines, labeling machines or slicers. All of these are made of top-quality materials and with attention to the smallest detail.


Lubelskie Fabryki Wag FAWAG S.A. is a well-known manufacturer of modern electronic scales, which are often components of larger computer systems that are used in many sectors of the economy (trade, industry, services and transport).

The Company’s commercial offer includes dozens of types of scales, such as:

  • Electronic: store, calculating, labeling, multifunctional (including counting), weighbridge, industrial.
  • Special: dispensing, queuing, truck scales,
  • Automatic

In addition to the modern WS-1 scale, FAWAG has introduced the FAWAG Lite and FAWAG Lite Online cash register. The FAWAG Lite Online cash register is a response to new cash register requirements and market demand. The company’s team of experts worked to create a tool that would fill the existing market niche of simple, robust and functional devices of this type.

The FAWAG Lite cash register, FAWAG Lite Online and the WS-1 scale mark the beginning of a new era at the Lublin-based company, where today experience and history combine with modernity and innovative technology.

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