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Artificial intelligence in the catering industry



Ada++ technology is the new quality. The programme for patisseries and bakeries will take your business to the next level. Keep in mind that, in many areas, humans cannot keep up with the capabilities of machines and competitors who rely solely on planning done by humans cannot match the efficiency of the system.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more ubiquitous and this trend will increase whether we like it or not. By combining algorithms with the incredible computing power of today’s computers, artificial intelligence offers possibilities we never dreamed of before.

The most distinctive approach is that of Facebook, which collects information about its users and then uses it for marketing purposes. We live in a time when algorithms can influence the outcome of presidential elections by suggesting content that will be tailored to our expectations (the famous Cambridge Analytica case).

It is only a matter of time, when the ability to profile customers will become one of the most profitable industries. At the same time, AI are not systems that are something mysterious and expensive. No, in fact the algorithms are widely known and can be used in any application. The food industry seems to be a new arena where developments in technology can be used to make a business profitable. Forecasting sales will allow bakeries and pastry shops to adapt to the needs of the market and, in turn, get rich quick. The inferences made by the artificial intelligence system will allow a reduction in returns, leading to the satisfaction of the entrepreneur. Finally, sales inference is a powerful system that will take your catering business to the next technological level, leaving competition far behind.

Artificial intelligence makes virtually no mistakes

The word ‘intelligence’, in the context of this artificial one, has long been a topic of contention. There are questions of proponents of strong and weak artificial intelligence. This is irrelevant, however; the most important thing is that the systems are based on mathematics, largely statistics. Artificial neural networks are really a matter of transferring information between elements of the system, and these neurons are only and as much as, inspired by biology. Linked to the networks is the ability for the network to ‘self-teach’ after inputting data. Google’s AlphaZero algorithm was given information about the rules of chess, and then by playing with itself it became… the best chess player in the world between both humans and computers. This goes to show how powerful the possibilities of artificial intelligence are. Now it has also entered the food industry.

Sales forecasting for the “Returns Slayer”

The ability to make a sales forecast is fundamental (but not only!) advantage of software for a confectionery or bakery. Consider the intelligent Ada++ system called the “returns slayer”. Based on analysed data, it is able to provide an idea of how much to produce in order to maximise profits. To produce too much is to lose money on the disposal of products that have not sold, and to produce too little is to miss out on full earning potential.

Artificial intelligence in the catering industry

The software for bakeries and pastry shops allows collaboration between the different branches of the business to optimise the process from product purchase to sale. Ada++ is based on the analysis of up to 300 million receipts and will allow you to better manage the stock of products, orders or any deliveries. The software dedicated for confectioneries (but not exclusively for them) will ensure that your company no longer wastes resources. A proper supply chain combines a lack of waste with no downtime due to a shortage of production materials. Software for bakeries will not only use data on the location and opening hours of the shops, but can also take into account aspects such as the amount of display counter space or shelf life.

Enhance the employee comfort, let them do only what is really needed.

Employees who can take advantage of the benefits of artificial intelligence can focus on their core duties. A lot of time is lost to planning the entire sales process, that time can be used in other ways. On the one hand, we ourselves have to orchestrate the technological issues appropriately; on the other, we have to hit the requirements set for us by the shops that are the recipients of our products. Having to combine these categories is a waste of manpower potential. Let the employees of the bakery or confectionery deal with the production of food, by shifting organisational duties to a system that performs such tasks automatically. From a computational point of view, humans are no match for intelligent systems and are unable to analyse such a large amount of data in order to draw appropriate conclusions.

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