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Control over orders

Info NET

This program allows all orders to be monitored; both current orders and those from a few days ago

Comprehensive production management

Our software enables comprehensive handling of production, transactions, economy and general management from both the warehouse and sales side. Software provided by us can help with making calculations and indicate the necessary information to facilitate business.

Controlling orders

One of our most popular products is InfoNET. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and seamlessly, it is installed on the bakery’s server, which makes it possible to exchange documents and forms between the shop and the bakery in real time. By enabling information to flow in real time, the owner is able to find out about the current situation, as the data arrives instantly.

The program allows all orders to be monitored; both current orders and those from a few days ago (it is also possible to select individual days of the week). In addition, it is equipped with a goods confirmation function (PTT), which helps to monitor the quantity that has arrived from the bakery to the shop. More efficient management of deliveries or inventories is an important aspect of running a shop, which is why InfoNET is ideal both as a programme for bakeries and as a programme for pastry shops.

The system has been enriched with the possibility of displaying current name days, generating liquidation documents, the function of inter-warehouse transfers between own shops or the ability to order auxiliary materials such as cleaning products. The whole system also cooperates with the InfoPOS module, which further improves competent operation and suggests the operating strategy, based on the sales forecast.


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