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Conqueror of returns


Poland’s only AI algorithm for ordering goods. Every day, Ada independently orders goods for our customers to the value of about 2 million PLN in almost 340 stores.

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ADA++ solution

A software of many possibilities

Every day , Ada ++ independently orders goods for our customers to the value of about 2 million PLN in almost 340 stores.

The advancement of technology rushing forward, the increasing competition in the market , the increased number of transactions, as well as the expiration dates of products and their seasonality – all this makes the demands on the food industry ever greater.

An IT solution providing a multitude of new opportunities in the food industry is the Ada ++ algorithm, which has recently appeared on the market and is one of the latest products based on artificial intelligence proving itself as software for confectioneries and bakeries.

Conqueror of returns Ada++
Ada++ artificial intelligence

Ada++ works for you

The algorithm is a great solution, as it enables a bakery or pastry shop to function better in aspects such as, managing product inventory,orders or all kinds of deliveries. Machine learning based on more than 300 million receipts! Its programming facilitates many key things for the company, such as sales forecasting..

The Ada++ system is an ideal software for bakeries, it is able to reduce the number of orders so as to reach the appropriate level of returns, while increasing the number of ordered products so that the quantity is adequate to current sales.

The artificial intelligence of the product is parameterized individually for each customerwhich makes it able to adjust its system from many different angles and meet all expectations Based on parameters such as location, opening and closing hours of the store, the amount of space in the display counter or expiration dates, it is able to create orders on its own, check the current status between deliveries, process information on returns, weather and name days, and eliminate order anomalies, i.e. detect any irregularities and reject errors.


What does the software look like?

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Ada++ is an artificial intelligence-based algorithm that allows you to better manage product inventory, orders, deliveries and more.


The algorithm can create orders on its own based on many parameters such as:


  • deliveries and returns;
  • shortages;
  • order anomalies;
  • name days;
  • weather;
  • geographic areas;
  • 18 other parameters.


Product highlights

The system is capable of lowering the quantity in orders to reach an appropriate level of returns, as well as raising the quantities ordered so that the quantity ordered is sufficient for current sales.


Parameters include:


  • locations;
  • store opening and closing hours;
  • delivery hours;
  • refrigerator information;
  • amount of display counter space;
  • expiration dates;
  • … and much more.

The algorithm is parameterized individually for each customer.

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