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A unique order and inventory management system

Infopiek produkcja is a unique order and inventory management system
InfoPiek Produkcja

Infopiek produkcja is a unique order and inventory management system for managing raw material stocks.

An invaluable IT tool

InfoPiek Sales and InfoPiek Production software provide an excellent basis for managing your business, compatible with our other applications and systems InfoPiek Produkcja is unique order management and warehouse management system that enables the management of raw material stocks. The production of products may require the use of semi-finished products, especially in the case of confectionery.

Oprogramowanie do zarządzania magazynem piekarni i cukierni InfoPiek
Oprogramowanie dla piekarni i cukierni

An innovative solution

Thanks to this innovative solution, it will be easy for the entrepreneur to make sales forecasts or quickly monitor the company’s inventory. The production of products may require the use of semi-finished products, especially in the case of confectionery.

The software has a separate category for semi-finished products (an important advantage as they are part of the product recipe). In addition, Infopiek Produkcja, as a modern and user- friendly software tool for bakeries and confectioneries, allows easy management of substitutions in recipes. It also makes it possible to keep product inventory sheets and, most importantly, to calculate the price of products and semi-finished products. On the purely technical side, the InfoPiek system itself is based on 32-bit technology under Microsoft Visual FoxPro.

This programme for bakeries and pastry shops functions perfectly on the basis of its database. However, it is possible for it to work on any other database based on the ODBC driver. The Infopiek Production system database is compatible and works with Infopiek MSSQL Server 2005, MSDE, Oracle 9, FireBird or MSSQL Server 2000.


How does the programme look?

Click on the visualization to enlarge.

Key product features

  • products (product recipes, raw materials in recipes)
  • semi-finished products
  • Substitutions in the recipes
  • Calculation of product prices (semi-finished products)
  • product list sheets

The production of products may require the use of semi-finished products. This is particularly true for confectionery products. The programme introduces a category of semi-finished products that can be included in a product recipe.

Key product features

  • production entry
  • statements
  • compare production with RW
  • compare production with inventory
  • profitability

Under Production, production activities are performed and recorded. Raw materials consumed are written off from inventory.



When you select Production Entry, a list of the day’s production to date is displayed.

It is possible to make a new entry or edit an existing production

A new entry allows:

  • manually enter quantities of products for production or
  • downloading quantities from sales – provided that the program InfoPiek Sprzedaż IPS exists.



Downloading quantities of products from Sales IPS has the following options to choose from:

  1. sales period ( day to day or selected one day )
  2. product group ( selected or all groups )
  3. delivery ( selected delivery or all deliveries)

during production execution it is possible to:

  1. change the capacity/quantity of the product in the recipe
  2. change the recipe in terms of the amount of raw materials having a variable recipe option.



Trial production is the use of the production function only to obtain the calculation of raw materials.

The entry of the quantity of products is arbitrary ( manually ) or can be obtained from sales.
After the calculation of raw materials in trial production – it is possible to print a statement of raw material quantities.

Key product features

  • Raw materials list
  • raw material purchases
  • percentage structure of purchases
  • kit control
  • raw materials warehouses
  • stocktakes
  • product loss reports
  • summary of losses of finished products

It is possible to maintain multiple raw material warehouses. The program allows issuing warehouse documents: receipt PZ, issue WZ and inter-warehouse transfer RW. Inventory inventories can be performed. Inventory inventories can be performed. It is possible to obtain stock for any date backwards.


The stock of raw materials depends:

  1. On the purchase of raw materials – when entering a purchase document, an internal PZ document is created at the same time, directing the raw material to the warehouse.
  2. n performed and approved production. Raw materials calculated under PRODUCTION are automatically taken off the stock. his applies only to approved production and then an internal WZ document is created.
  3. An internal document RW is created from the inter-warehouse transfer made.
  4. From manually issued PZ and WZ documents. Such documents can be issued independently of purchases and production.
  5. From performed warehouse inventories. The inventory determines the state of the warehouse on the day of execution of the inventory with an additional option: the inventory is the first or last operation of the day.



When creating an inventory for a selected warehouse, it is determined whether the inventory is the first or last operation of the day. If it is the first operation of the day then all other operations from that day are included in the stock with dates equal to or later than the date of the inventory. f it is the last operation of the day then all other operations from that day are omitted from the stock with dates equal to or later than the date of the inventory.

Key product features

  • Raw material storage list
  • production groups
  • product groups
  • raw material groups
  • Recipe groups
  • index of the dough mass before baking
  • VAT rates file
  • weight units
  • cost chart of accounts

In the Auxiliary Tables there are tables and settings which are used for filling in selected items in the basic tables, e.g. Raw materials – setting up groups, or Products – units of measurement.

All tables displayed here have the option to Add, Edit and Delete items in these tables. If a list of, for example, raw material groups has not been created here, it will not be possible to select raw material groups under Raw materials, and similarly under the other sections.
This file is divided into the following items:


List of raw material warehouses

It is possible to create multiple warehouses for raw materials. When purchasing raw materials as well as when taking them into production, it is possible to select a warehouse.


Production groups

It is possible to create groups that perform independent production activities. Typically, such groups are WORK CHANGES, e.g. Kowalski shift, Malinowski shift. In such a system, it is possible to separate the volume of production carried out by individual shifts as well as the consumption of raw materials.
Another approach is also possible, in which the division into shifts is irrelevant and only one production group exists.


Product groups

It is possible to create product groups in order to further create lists according to these product groups. As in the case of recipients, the allocation of the product to a group is carried out under CARTHOTICS / PRODUCTS – where it can be allocated to the selected group under the product name.


Product weight units

List of used product weight units, e.g. kg, etc. Można wpisać dowolną nazwę. Ważne! jeżeli zaznaczymy “Czy jednostka jest podzielna” to wyrób będzie można wpisać z dokładnością do trzech miejsc po przecinku. Np. For example, if you indicate that the unit “piece” is divisible, entering one and a half pieces will look like this: “1,500” If, on the other hand, pieces are not divisible, we will not enter half a product


VAT rates

List of statutory VAT rates (it is possible to enter a different rate)

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